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27 Mar 2008
Moto Guzzi V7
Fick sms från en snubbe som var intresserad av en hoj jag har ute på Blocket. Han ber mig maila honom. Bestämde mig för att skoja lite, nedan följer vår kommunikation:

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 11:27 PM, Loccone wrote:
Hi Rick, the bike is still out for sale, but a guy will come and look at it this weekend. I speak English very well, so you're welcome to give me a call if you want more information!
Excuse the brevity of the message, sent from handheld

Från: Rick Powell [mailto:rickpowellm@gmail.com]
Skickat: den 28 april 2016 13:04
Till: Loccone
Ämne: Re: R1100S
Thank you for the response to my message. I have read all the details on the advertisement.I am interested in buying it and i would like to get it as soon as possible. can you please tell me how long you have owned it? and what is the final price for it? and do you have more pictures?
I hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards

On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 4:32 AM, Loccone <> wrote:
Hi, final price is as asked, looking forward to continue any further communication via phone.
I have previous experience from dealing with non-serious buyers from abroad, so forgive my request for you to comply and call me up if you are a serious buyer.
Best regards, Loccone

Från: Rick Powell [mailto:rickpowellm@gmail.com]
Skickat: den 28 april 2016 15:00
Till: Loccone
Ämne: Re: R1100S

Okay thank you.I’m satisfied with the condition. I won't be able to come and view it myself because I am currently away for work.but if can you guarantee that it is in a good condition, I will meet up with your last price. I know there are other buyers patronising you already. This is more reason why i would like to get this as soon as possible.i will pay you through PayPal as it is the fastest & easiest way for me to make payment at this moment, do not worry about PayPal charges, i will take care of that and about the transportation, i shall arrange for a transport agent to come to your home directly for the pickup and transport it to my home in Spain after i have made all the necessary payment and you have confirmed this on your account.
So if you accept this transaction, you should send me your info requested below if you have an account already with PayPal:-

Name :
PayPal Email :
Mobile Number

so that i can proceed with the transfer and then we can arrange for my shipping company to come for the pick up, after you receive your money. I will need the address for the pick up to be arranged.
i expect your reply soon.
Thank you .

Dear Rick, thanks for your email. There’s no need to hurry with the payment, I’ll keep the bike until you can collect it.

However, as a homage to the proud Bavarian heritage of BMW I will only accept payment in German Goldmarks, issued before August 4, 1914.

Being a true Motorrad connoisseur, you will doubtlessly understand the symbolic value of this request. It refers to a time of triumph for the German industry; a time of progress and pride, before the civilian populace dagger-stabbed the great nation in the back, plunging it into what has proved to be a century of spiritual weakness and moral corruptibility.

Please let me know when you have raised the necessary funds.

Remember,I will accept no Reichsmark crap or the like – Goldmarks it is, or no deal.

Hälsningar / Regards

Rick har inte svarat än, fortsättning följer möjligen :)
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